Custom Software Development

Neck-to-neck competition in the market drives a company to create a unique individuality of its own in order to gain an ‘edge’ over the rest. Going for ready-made, off-the-shelf software might not fit the bill as it might take some time to fit-in with your existing system and processes, may need some of your main processes modified or changed drastically and might require long-drawn out training for initiation. This calls for unique customized solutions and software for a company. Software that will fit-right-into, be compatible with, and support its core business processes.

At OPSPL, we thoroughly understand your business and construct a detailed blueprint of the software you need so that your requirements are fully met. We maintain a holistic balance between customization, scalability and user-friendliness. Rigorous testing and post-implementation support is part of our package.

We create solutions that are a snug fit to your existing systems and processes so that you spend less time in initiation and more time in upward movement. Our custom software solutions are comprehensive enough for you not to need any secondary applications for various micro processes.

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Document the client requirements and identify the scope of the custom software

Based on the documentation, design the architectural and conceptual model of the software and check for client feedback on the blueprint

Implement the project by dividing it into series of sub-phases and meeting each deadline to deliver the solution on time

The software passes through rigorous testing for any bugs

Deploy the custom software to the production environment

We create custom softwares which are:

Customised to your needs User-Friendly Strongly coded Scalable Fluid fit to your systems

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