Jul 21st, 2017

Life’s a Beach

The problem with you is, you take your problems too seriously. Of course, that’s what a normal human does. But then, by doing that you’re…
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Jun 29th, 2017

Advantages of being Over-weight

You must have heard people saying that being overweight is not what you should support and you believed that. But it comes with its own…
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Jun 12th, 2017

Cyber crimes and its preventive measures

What’s a Cybercrime? Cyber crimes are attacks made by black hat hackers who break into computer systems or gain unauthorized access to any system in…
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May 4th, 2017

What I do in my free time

Working continuously for 5 days a week can be very stressful. It’s very important to give some rest to your mind and body. To keep…
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Apr 11th, 2017

Gboard for Android

Gboard is a Keyboard app which is quite similar to a typical Android Keyboard. Its user interface is almost the same compared to other google…
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Apr 5th, 2017

Risk it all & believe in Yourself!

When we talk of risks, we are confronted every single day with choices we have to make that could change our lives forever. Those that…
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