Jul 13th, 2018

The Smart Watch Experience: Is it worth It?

“What sort of a tech-savvy person are you if you don’t own a smart watch?”, I used to question myself continuously. “The one that does…
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Jul 6th, 2018

.Net Applications with ORMs

Now-a-days all web applications make use of a good ORM framework. During the early days of coding, we used simple ADO.NET by using classes such…
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Jun 29th, 2018

Crawling And Scraping With Python

Whenever you have something important that intrigues you, Google is the first place you will go to. And voila, it will show you everything related…
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Jun 22nd, 2018

Mobile App Gamification

In today’s digitized or perhaps mobile world, every business (whether it’s small or big) requires a mobile app to target a wider range of audience….
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Jun 8th, 2018

Learn and Defend

”Learn Martial arts, it will be fun and necessary for self-defense ”, my parents told me. Well, I am not sure about the fun part…
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Jun 1st, 2018

My Secret Mission

For today’s kids, learning alphabets and numbers is difficult, but learning to use a mobile phone is very simple. They just watch their parents use their…
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