Back-office operations are the cornerstone of all business. Be it for your website and it’s content and what it offers a visitor, or for the tasks you need done on your servers and workstations to keep the whole system running or for the support you need to provide your clients….

Outsourcing your back-office tasks can help achieve better performance and a quick turn-around-time in order to meet your requirements. We skilfully leverage our practices, technologies and domain expertise to provide you top notch quality back-office support, which ranges from data entry services, customer care requirements, to internet researching services, besides many other sundry tasks.

Our Back Office Services

Software Testing/Quality Assurance

An issue-free solution is the holy grail by which Software Testing/Quality Assurance abides. None of the solutions offered under our umbrella of offerings goes out without being rigorously tested for any errors or malfunctions. Testing requires special tools, methodologies, experience in development and that one defining factor: An eye for detail. We see to it,…
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Technical Writing

Technical writing is a conglomeration of various facets: thoroughly understanding of the product and target audience, analyzing user information, system architecture and finally presenting information in a readable and logical manner. Whether it is a product review, manual, user guide or brochure, we create content with élan and clarity. Our technical writing services provide a…
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Web Hosting Support Services

Web Hosting is of cardinal importance if you want to give wings to your company and broaden its reach. Through our “web hosting support services”, you can make your website accessible to visitors/customers across the globe. Whether it’s a personal or a small business or a corporate website, our web hosting support packages are designed…
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E-mail Services

E-mail is a powerful internet tool to maintain a company’s customer base by addressing customer issues, sending contact and informational messages, business updates and strategising on the basis of the generated clientele responses.  It maintains the company-user communication cycle. At OPSPL, our email services make sure that the burden of handling large volumes of email,…
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